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Arctic Animals
These super-cute animals are making the most of the cold environment, why don't you join them on your next snowy adventure?
  • 6 skins included
Winter may nearly be here, but the autumnal style is the way to go!
  • 15 awesome HD skins!
  • One free skin
Kick-start your next city construction project with one of these amazing Minecraft-inspired skins!
  • 12 skins included
Ever wanted a job in the city? Well, now you can!
  • 20 HD skins
  • Ideal for city role-play
  • One free skin!
These adorable skins absolutely love the cold! Roleplay with your friends as a yeti, snowman, or a snow-loving human!
  • 12 cold-weather themed skins included!
Roleplay as one of these vibrantly colored natural wonders with your friends!
  • 10 skins included
Ever dreamed of becoming an adventurer hunting shiny things!? Say no more! Meet Crystal Hunters!
  • 12 skins included
Wear one of these hilarious skins on your next adventure! Choose from banana, ninja, chicken, chubby, dark spirit, or fly!
  • 6 skins included
Roleplay with these one-eyed outcasts on your next adventure! Will you play as Sensei Cy, Rocky the Cyclops, or perhaps a Zombified Cyclops? The choice is yours!
  • 10 skins included
Being a student isn't always fun, but it is if you are an exchange student! Visit the world in these skins from many nations.
  • 15 HD skins
  • Ideal for school role-play
  • One free skin
Halloween is the perfect time to get some new skins. Pop on your masks and scare the candy out of your neighbours!
  • 10 super scary HD skins
  • Ideal for horror role-play
  • One free skin
Do you wannaBEE a cute bee? Or maybe a jug full of sweet and sticky honey? Well, we are sure you'll BEE on your way to a fun roleplay adventure with this bee-inspired skin pack!
  • 11 honey bee-inspired skins!
Dazzle your friends on your next adventure with these brightly colored geometric skins!
  • 60 skins included!
Go on a dark adventure with your friends with this collection of skins inspired by the Nether!
  • 13 skins included (unlucky for some! but lucky for you!)
You mine ore every day in Minecraft, but now you can be the ore! Great for camouflage in PVP, or you can just blend into the world.
  • 14 HD skins
  • One free skin!
Feast your eyes on these stunningly colorful skins by Pixel Creations. This 50-skin mega pack is sure to make you stand out from the crowd on your next adventure!
  • 50 colorful skins included!
Get into the festive spirit this Christmas with these hand-made Christmas skins!
  • 12 festive skins included!
Its time to go back to school, so what is your favourite class?
  • 12 skins
  • One free skin
  • Great for role play
Where do rocks like to sleep? In bedrocks! Alright, enough of the cheesy jokes... that joke probably peaked during the stone age.
  • 6 HD skins!
Its snowing outside and these adorable skins are perfect for showcasing your love of the cold season!
  • 6 skins included
Trick your friends into thinking you're a mystical tree, or just showcase your love of the earth with one of these natural-looking skins!
  • 6 skins included

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